Web Services

Increase your business, promote your charity, share your interests, or blog your reviews. Today's world is shaped by webpages. Why not have your own dot com named after you? It's really quite easy, and we have all the right tools. That makes us the perfect choice for the beginner, the pro, or anyone in between. How much is it worth to you to invest in sharing your message?

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Making Music

Do you need sheet music for parts in a band? Is there a certain song you need in your style and voice range? Do you need an original tune for a production or a soundtrack for your singers? Then you're playing our song! From garage bands to full orchestras, from teachers to shower soloists, we're tuned up and ready to compose and/or arrange the music you need.

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Website design, webhosting, domain registration, and website maintenance are all services we provide at prices that match and beat the competition. We make every effort to minimize cost and maximize quality of our professional level products to provide you with a positive experience and solid return on your investment. We value your trust. Contact us today!

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Welcome to ObieHouse! Please make yourself at home.

Are you into websites? Blogs? Social media marketing with Facebook ads and Instagram? Get your own professional website or customized blog here. Host your own Internet domain with us. Or just have us register a domain name for you, if that’s all you need. Click here to check out our SPECIALS page!

We also help you with powerful social media marketing. We place those little ads that you see in your Facebook and Instagram newsfeed and sidebar. Here’s more information about that!

Even have us create sheet music and soundtracks for your band, choir, play, movie, or even just to sing in the shower.

My name is Kevin Obermeyer. I head up this site and the services we provide. Our team is ready to see how we can help meet your needs. So, let’s get started!